Leading Misconceptions About Contact Lenses

Millions of people all around the world have been using contact lenses. Many users are of the opinion that the functionality of the best products like Geo lenses is truly superior and these lenses offer a lot of advantages over conventional glasses. They are also highly flexible as well. Instead of having all these benefits, there are many misconceptions about contact lenses. Here are the most common misconceptions that are prevalent among a good number people:

People above 40 must not wear contact lenses

Many people believe that people over 40 should not wear contacts. According to them, eyes become dryer with age and using contact lenses is not a good option after 40.  Moreover people have to depend on bifocals as they age and there is no alternative to conventional bifocals. What you need to realize is that there are bifocal and multifocal contacts available these days and you can purchase them as the best alternative to traditional bifocals. The popular belief is that if a person has dry eyes, he/she must not wear contact lenses because it makes the person really uncomfortable.  This argument no longer carries any weight because leading brands like Naruto Sharingan contacts offer products that help eyes retain adequate moisture. You can also use high quality eye drops to maintain the moisture and all these steps make wearing contact lenses a completely hassle free process for people above 40.

Contact lenses are not a good option for children and teenagers

This is another misconception that is prevalent among a lot of people. Leading ophthalmologists clearly say that age does not matter when it comes to wearing contact lenses. Since all contact lenses demand a daily lens care regime, they are not a good option for children below 7 or 8 years.  The responsibility will involve maintaining a daily lens care regime. All types of contacts including Sharingan Eye Contacts need to be cleaned regularly and the responsibility levels of children below 8 years may not have developed to such an extent. The removal process also needs some careful considerations and undermining the importance of these aspects can lead to eye infections. Children above 8 years can use these products without any problem and there are no restrictions for teenagers to use contact lenses.

People, who suffer from astigmatism, should not use contact lenses

Astigmatism is a condition that occurs when the cornea takes an irregular shape or when it is stretched.  In such a situation, the round shape can take a rectangular shape. Various manufacturers have come up with products that go well with this condition and these specially designed contacts remain in the required position to offer the much needed comfort.

Contacts often get stuck on the eye

This myth can be described as an irrational fear of a good number of people.  You need to understand that a membrane known as conjunctiva wraps around the eyelid’s inner surface and it does not allow the movement of the contacts effectively.

You need to eliminate these misconceptions from your mind before start using contact lenses. Today, contacts are also used for cosmetic purposes and products like Colourvue crazy contact lenses are designed to create a strange and wild look to your eyes.


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